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Africa health holdings (AHH)

Africa Health Holdings (AHH) is a digital health provider powering operations for medical assets across Africa via AI and telemedicine solutions.


Ajua is Africa's first Integrated Customer Experience platform for businesses on the continent. Ajua exists to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.


Andela is a global talent accelerator that connects world-class remote developers with top employers across the world, easing the dearth of engineers. 


Appetito is an Egyptian on-demand grocery mobile app that tackles FMCG supply chain inefficiencies and delivers fresh goods directly to your doorstep.


Autochek enables access to used automotive sales, auto loans, quality maintenance, aftersales services, warranty solutions, and transactional marketplaces. 


Ceviant is a B2B company that provides cloud-based platform tackling cash & treasury management, payments and working capital.  


Chaka is a digital wealth platform that removes investment barriers between Africa and the rest of the world, increasing access to global capital markets.


Eksab is the first licensed Egyptian fantasy sports platform building the future of sports entertainment for the Middle East and Africa. 


Fibre aims to eliminate barriers surrounding the housing search and is building the most convenient way for the modern day African consumer to get a home.


Flutterwave is a digital payments infrastructure provider enabling businesses to receive and make payments and digitize businesses around the world. 

frontier car group (Exit)

Frontier Car Group operates used car marketplaces in emerging markets to increase efficiency through technology, services, and infrastructure creation. 

garage mobility

Garage Mobility is Africa's premier auto tech platform focused on connecting manufacturers with distributors and providing best-in-class software for inventory, e-commerce, and shop management needs. 


ILLA is an asset-light logistics company that offers full-stack B2B supply chain management platform and specializes in middle-man delivery for FMCG companies.  


Jetstream is a digital supply chain company powering cross-border trade logistics and customs clearance for import-export networks in Africa. 


MAKA is a community commerce platform for fashion and beauty that empowers users to express individuality and buy and sell goods via live-streams, on-demand videos, and the online catalog.


Minly is a super app for the passion economy across MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa that provides fans and celebrities with a safe and secure space to create personalized connections via video shout-outs.


Mono helps businesses in Africa access customer financial accounts, financial data, identify data, and direct debit via digital APIs. 


mPharma enables hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to use prescription and OTC medication data to rapidly identify and assess populations. 


NestCoin builds, operates, and invests in simple products that make crypto accessible to everyone.


Reliance HMO is a technology driven health insurance company that has integrated technology into every sphere of health-care management. 

sabi cash

Sabi is a mobile-based bookkeeping platform transforming how SMBs and microbusinesses track revenues, expenses, lenders, and more. 


Sendbox Is a logistics and fulfillment platform that provides infrastructure for shipping, escrow payments, and discovery services for commerce merchants.


SOLO is a mobile device company focused on bringing the best consumer experience to affordable phones in emerging markets SOLO delights consumer with best content/services ecosystem, best user experience delivered in elegant design and with simple propositions.


Supermart is the leading online supermarket and grocery delivery service in Nigeria, giving customers access to 10,000+ groceries and same-day delivery.


Tizeti provides broadband internet services across Africa by leveraging large wireless capacity and plummeting cost of solar panels with WiFi towers. 

touch and pay

Touch and Pay is enabling easier payment solutions  across the world and empowering small businesses to accept payments, run operations, and access capitalfor growth.

traction apps

Traction Apps is a payments company with a one-stop-shop managment tool to run business on and offline via PoS, USSD, and bank transfer solutions.


Tushop is a B2C community group-buying platform that helps customers access groceries cheaply and conveniently. 

wapi pay

Wapi Pay is the firstAfrica-Asia payment platform, providing key solutions in payments and cross-border commerce. 


Wasoko connects African merchants directly to local and multinational FMCG suppliers while digitizing orders, payments, and delivery logistics. 


Wirepay is building the payments infrastructure that lets businesses embed money transfer services into their platform without having to worry about interoperability, compliance, and FX risks.


Wowzi is a multi-channel media, entertainment, and data company that organizes social capital.

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